-"She loved it and loved Anna! Sang all the way home and when she woke up this morning!"

-"Just wanted to tell you that Noah loved his piano course today! First thing he told me was ‘I love my teacher, he’s so funny’. He had a great first class! :) "

-"Andrei loves the lessons and he likes working with Isaac so thank you for making this experience fun for him. He can't wait to be back in September!"

-"Thank you for making this experience for Maya so great. She is really enjoying playing and learning."

- "Nate’s first lesson was fantastic. Anna was very pleasant and positive, a perfect teacher for our son. We look forward to seeing Nate progress in piano. Thank you."

- "Great work with the kids, by the way. I recorded them playing and sent it to my family and they were all pretty blown away...
   And how are you getting Sawyer to be proud of his playing? He is getting more and more confident now and I love seeing it. "

 - "...the first two lessons have been a major success. Ava kept returning to the piano to practice things she had learned and had requested to continue :) "

- "Collin loved his first class at your "music house" the boys call it. Ms. Anna been patient and was able to deliver a good informative first class. Looking forward to this week class."

- "The lesson was great and I really had a great time. I can't wait for the next one. Isaac was great and made the experience very pleasant."

- "Isaac, many thanks for your excellent lessons. Wow. You are incredibly knowledgeable and very patient with this “old dog”. ;-). I hope to do you proud. You guys are fantastic."

- "Just wanted you to know that I’m feeling very good/positive about my potential to grow as a musician. Have not felt this way for a long time. Looking forward to my next lesson."

- "The lesson went very well, Anna was certainly great. She has an ease and calmness to her that was just wonderful. My little guy...already asked me to go back; so that’s a good sign!"

- "We are thrilled at Jackson's response with the piano. We thank you for keeping it exciting for him, you are wonderful with your work. "

- "It was a great experience for all of us to come out to your school in June! A great environment for learning :) "

- "They were very happy with their lesson and were eager to practice when they arrived home :)
   The teachers were very nice and I think they are a great fit!"

- "...he loves going and looks forward to his lessons. I see a huge improvement in his playing and Isaac is amazing."

- "Both kids are really enjoying their lessons. They are thrilled to learn and show-off their skills to people who visit our home".

- "Paige absolutely loved her first lesson!"

- "Drew is absolutely loving the classes and you and comes home each time with such enthusiasm and so much to tell! Thank you so much".

- "...she was super happy. You saved us! We send off the MP3 to this morning to the fashion designer and she’s very very happy! I’m so glad Mary called you.
   We owe you big time! Thank you thank you!"

- "Hi Steve! Just wanted to let you know I did my first music theory mid term this semester and got a 96%.
   I can honestly say that most of my knowledge was stuff I had learnt with you. So thanks!!!"

- "Hi Steve! Amanda is interested in taking lessons with the best guitar instructor in Ottawa - YOU!!"

- "The boys love having you as a teacher...I think it is a challenge to keep two young boys interested in playing and practicing all the while maintaining a balance between discipline and fun that keeps them interested but also tries to keep  them somewhat focused and challenged. You seem to be able to do that and I am glad to have two budding piano players because of it."