𝄞 Welcome to Riverside Music 𝄞

- Piano - Guitar - Ukulele - Drums - Vocal - Bass - Violin - Theory - Accordion - Electronic Music Production & more..

We are a private music school servicing Riverside South, Barrhaven, Greely, Manotick and surrounding areas.
Whether recreational or serious, Rock or Bach, our teachers are trained in all styles and approaches.
It is our passion to pass on our love of music in a fun and encouraging environment, customizing the lesson to suit your style.

The school will be starting in-person and online lessons Tuesday, September 8.


  • Classes will run on a limited, spaced out basis with only 2 teachers in house at a time.
  • Masks must be worn by teachers and students/parents.
  • We ask that students be accompanied by only one parent at a time.
  • Surfaces and instruments will be cleaned between classes.
  • Waiting room seating will be spaced out and limited to 5 people.
  • Symptomatic visitors will be turned away and asked to continue online.


Online lessons will remain an option for those not comfortable with meeting in-person.   

“...his (online) lesson was great!...thank goodness for technology during these difficult times. We would like to continue with lessons this way during the closures.”

Some tips for successful internet lessons: 

  • A successful video lesson can be most easily achieved if the camera view on the student's side is set up optimally ahead of time. Maybe use selfie stick clamp on a camera tripod when using a phone. An iPad can sit on a music stand or chair. You may need to get creative.
  • Point the camera the same way as if the lens is the eyes of the teacher. A little experimentation ahead of time will save lesson time, once live.
  • It works best if some bandwidth is reserved for the lesson (ie not the whole family online at the same time).
  • For Zoom lessons simply choose “Join”, type in the teacher's PMI (Personal Meeting ID). Enter password.

Once an optimum camera setup is achieved it isn't much different than the real thing. It is helpful if the student takes their own notes during or after the class. Extra work material can be emailed for print out, if applicable.

Requisite Practice Habits for Optimal Musical Development  

-A set daily routine is most productive. Set aside a time of day, everyday, and stick to that time. 

-Seven days a week is better than five.
-Practice sessions should ideally be no less than 15 minutes. Half hours are best.
-For advanced students up to an hour a day or more is recommended.

A helpful breakdown of a routine half hour practice
-Warm ups (exercises, scales, triads etc.)...10 minutes
-Songs, Pieces...15 minutes
-Free time (review, playing for fun, improvisation etc.)...5+ minutes
-Theory depends on assignment and is separate from regular practice